Thursday, September 2, 2010

no update

I haven't update this blog for such a long time... because my english standard has terminated at this moment.. seem like Muet supposed to be a good motivation for a university student to try to improve his/her english huh???

*p.s: I took Muet already..

Monday, June 28, 2010

xiao ren

I have tried to be kind to you. But thing goes worse anyway.

However, exhilaration comes in. Yeah.

Stay away from me.

i have told already

That day I told her to put my thing back into the store but near the door because my things were put near the door. I needed to go out with my aunty. I cannot wait people to return my thing. I waited for such a long time. I knew that when I went back, the door sure had been closed.

Anyway, it disappeared because I did not treasure it enough...

Yup, don't ever to think that you can own a thing forever.

Language barrier again? wtf.

first day

First day, as usual, the most relax day. But, the sense of alienation surrounded me. I still cannot catch up with the words that people said to me. The environment is familiar as I have been here for some time. Yet, i am still unfamiliar with others.

Maybe, people like me can only master mother tongue. I am not really wanna ranting here. I am calm... calm enough to accept the fact that I have to become a "deaf" for the next coming year

Saturday, June 26, 2010


no doubt, sedentary lifestyle. sitting in front of the laptop, searching for something new, 10 G digi is just too tempting! haha.. besides sitting, sleeping has eaten most of my day. I just can't help it. Frankly to say, I slept more than 10 hours. Sometimes, I hard to sleep at night. My eyes still open big big even though the time has reached 4 o'clock. I am kinda energetic during the night. And my comfortable bed is the “culprit" who drag me into a very deep sleep every morning.


non-stop watching movies. My dad is a movie-lover. He turned the living room into a mini cinema. I am not exaggerating. He even bought the projector & a special wide screen which the movie can be projected on it. maybe u will think, omg a projector? this should be found in the classroom and used to project the boring power points (maktab)
& also, I have watched shrek, A-team, karate kids, Ip man-the legend is born, Knight and Day............ in the cinema.. & I really wanna fuck smashed the people when they kept making noise in the cinema from the start to the end of the movie. Selfish. Whatelse?

World Cup:

last time when I was in secondary school, yup, I love football.. because I was affected by the comic.. and that time, I was the fan of Ronaldo. (Brazil) And this time, I'm glad that my dad subscribed the Astro Sports Channel.. It was thrilling to reminisce the days when I loved football.. As usual, I support Brazil. Yet, the players that I once supported have retired. And this time I saw many new players for Brazil, except Kaka. I think this time the Brazil team is less energetic. The attack is less powerful than before. Anyway, I am glad that this team has made it all the way. In addition, I really can't stop ogling Cristiano Ronaldo. XD woah. He took off his shirts after the game. too sexy. Kaka is cute too. Don't take me wrong. I still got look at the skills as if I know little bit footballs. lol. Argentina plays well too.

I have read 2 novels...... only...Thanks for the Memories and The Book of tomorrow. All by Cecelia Ahern. For TFTM, I can't believe I finished it. I like that some parts of the story are humour. But I don't like where the main characters are hardly to meet each other. For TBO2ml, it is the latest book by Cecelia. Love it. I cannot put down the book when I read the climax part. I wondered why the name is the book of tomorrow at first. Maybe you are clever to know why before reading it. It is really an intriguing book. Ahha! Another book, The Gift, from CA too, is a good read. Now, waiting the chance to come across another interesting fiction.....................

New member:

Finally, I have own a human-sized patung!!! XD it is a shape of monkey. I hug it to sleep every night. Thanks to my aunty. She bought it to me when she visited me in Kuching. I always wanna own a patung like this.. I am waiting for my future prince to buy me one. =p But thanks to my aunty to help me realise this dream earlier. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....... At this moment, I cant upload the pictures here. How woeful. Digi broadband speed is fast. But it encounters problems while uploading pictures. =(


I hope the new semester is a good start with good ending. short and precise, right?


Monday, June 21, 2010


Recently, government planned to use RM 800 million to build a new Parliament house in Putrajaya and the existing building becomes a heritage. And then before, the Government kept pointing an accusing finger to the citizens for wasting the money ourselves bla bla bla... no saving the money la.. what la...

All of us are clever enough to know that our economical status has deteriorated day by day. And the new 5 star Parliament house will be comfortable enough for the politicians to place their ass on the seats but not upgrading their brains at the same time. What we need are schools, hospitals, upgraded good facilities in the remote areas and so forth.

Why I bring up this topic all of a sudden? Nothing special. Just wanna write this story and I have a heart to write now. Plus this situation was very similar to my maktab Pengarah, puan XXX.

Puan XXX has brought up the programme, holy shit i cant even rmbr the name of the programme now!!! love holidays so much lol something like save the energy, use the energy wisely.

And she also the same, kept scolding, accusing, all bullshit said the lecturers and the students for wasting the electric and water. Ok, fine. Good also la kan.. we should jimat tenaga juga..

Then the institute build a team for this programme. They hold the meetings and my friend was one of the committee. And I was lucky to heard some news that astonished me. You know which building has the highest costs of electricity bill???

Hostels? Library there? Lecturers' office?? NONONO.. is pejabat am dude. Pejabat Am.
For us who study here, we know that pejabat am is a totally different world. It is akin a 5-star place. Hmm.. How should I describe? Once u walk into that place, you feel like you walk into a hotel's lobby.. Lol...

I heard that after the Puan XXX came to our school, she built this new pejabat am. It was her idea.

Ok, then, that lady.............. she has too much oil in her body to be burnt that she needs 2 air-conditioner in her room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One person uses 2 air -coned and the workers in that office always don't switch off the air-coned after used. These kind of attitude resulted rm4000++ bill just for this pejabat am only.. Funny huh?

So just wanna say this is the situation that always occurs in the country. While pointing your accusing finger at other people, please think of your demeanour first. They are good in creating wonderful plans but always stun the citizens because the plans seldom come true.

familiar and unfamiliar

Do u ever feel like the feeling between familiar and unfamiliar to a person? This feeling was so strong to me... when I looked that significant picture.. which I don't wanna disclose here.

Familiar... because we were close before.. close.. because I wanted to.
Unfamiliar... because U & I don't care anymore.